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Home Health Care

grandfather eating in bed risk for skin breakdown needs prevention from wife and daughter

Skin Breakdown Can Be Serious! Tips for Prevention

Although our skin is generally resilient, skin breakdown is a risk for those subjected to prolonged pressure, friction, moisture, or shear force. Skin breakdown prevention and identifying concerns early are essential because skin breakdown can quickly progress from minor to serious. You may have heard terms like pressure ulcer, bed sores, or skin shearing, which

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Getting a Medical Second Opinion written across image of doctors standing

Getting a Medical Second Opinion – Don’t You Deserve Peace of Mind?

Talking with your doctor and finding out you have a serious health condition can be overwhelming, especially when there are multiple treatment options. Getting a medical second opinion may help you gain another perspective of your condition and the available treatments. Doctors understand you may want to get a second opinion. It’s not uncommon for

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elderly man fell on floor near cane needs home safety tips for seniors

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

With aging relatives living longer and needing more care, many families struggle with the best way to help them. Each year, millions of seniors fall, and less than 50% of them tell their doctor. In addition, falling once will double their chances of falling again. We review home safety tips and provide a free downloadable

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Caregiver Self-care

text how to write positive affirmations with woman pointing to her head

How To Write Positive Affirmations in 4 Easy Steps

Most of us have heard about positive affirmations and their benefits but might not know where to start. In this post, we review how to write affirmations specifically for you, so you get the most benefit from writing affirmations and practicing them.   How To Write Affirmations  1. Write a List of Things You Want

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woman leisurely reading on couch to signify How You Can Simplify Your Life

Discover How You Can Simplify Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Life is hectic, and it’s hard enough trying to stay on top of our responsibilities. Keeping up with friends or family can seem impossible at times too! And, when life gets busy, many feel they don’t have the time for self-care, so our health is put in jeopardy. But you can take some steps toward

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brightly colored stick notes with positive self affirmations written on each showing what are positive affirmations

What are Positive Affirmations and the Benefits of Them?

Most have heard of positive affirmations. But, what are the benefits of affirmations?  Research and science show positive affirmations have health benefits, and they can help us reach goals. Repeating positive affirmations daily can reprogram our thinking, so we think and act differently over time. We will look at what they are and the benefits

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Business & Financial

hiring a caregiver for in home help walking senior

Hiring in Home Family Caregivers: What you Need to Know

Are you thinking about hiring a caregiver for in home help to care for your loved one?  Finding someone with the skills to provide excellent care and the personality to get along with your loved one is critical.  Below we share information to help you find the right person for the job. We discuss ways

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How Does Health Insurance Work doctor passing health insurance form to patient

How Does Health Insurance Work?

Understanding how does health insurance work, what it is, and what type of health insurance plans are available will enable you to choose the right plan. We review benefits of health insurance, the difference between HMO, EPO, PPO and POS plans, and more.    What is Health Insurance Health insurance is an agreement between the

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elderly mother with her daughter who is a caregiver

Family Caregiver Pay: Can a Family Caregiver Get Paid?

Many unpaid family caregivers have questions about whether they can get paid for taking care of an elderly parent or family member. We frequently hear questions like can Medicare pay for a caregiver?  Is there any way of getting paid for taking care of an elderly parent? Is there social security caregiver pay? What states

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Resources for Seniors- Area Agency on Aging

A good starting point to find available resources is your local  Area Agency on Aging. Each state has an Area Agency on Aging (AAA), which can be a public or a private non-profit agency that helps coordinate services so that seniors can stay in their homes. The AAA’s name may vary, and the support is provided at the regional and local levels. The type of support provided depends on where you live. The goal is to help make independent living a viable option, for example, with services such as meals on wheels, legal aid, health insurance consultation, adult daycare information, and caregiver support services.  Just insert your city/ state or zip code, and find you find your local Area Agency on Aging

Benefits Checkup

Another way to find resources available for your loved one is made available by the National Council on Aging. Click on BenefitsCheckUp.Org. It is pretty user friendly. Insert your zip code, answer a few questions, and identify what type of benefits you are interested in. They can provide additional information on available resources in your area for such things as medication assistance, housing and utilities, transportation, tax relief, and veteran assistance.

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

Another local resource is your Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). It is a terrific resource because it can provide information and assistance to older adults and people with disabilities. The ADRC can help you learn about public and private programs available and how to access the services you need. Click here to locate the ADRC near you.

Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

Let’s face it, medications can be costly, and it doesn’t seem like it will get much better very soon. 


Some states have a State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program (SPAP) to help pay for prescription medications. These programs are state run to help low income seniors and adults with disabilities pay for prescription medications. Coverage varies depending on the state program, but usually they help pay the out of pocket cost that Medicare Part D doesn’t pay.  Find out if your state has a SPAP program by selecting your state using the dropdown menu at


It is also worth checking out PhRMA’s Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT). This tool is a search engine that helps you find resources offered by the biopharmaceutical industry. Insert the name of the medication and other information requested into the Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) and it will provide the contact information of the pharmaceutical resources it finds you qualify for.

ACL’s Eldercare Locator

The  Eldercare Locator is a handy tool, surely worth taking a look. The U.S. Administration on Aging provides the locator, which can help you find services for older adults and their families, including your local ADRC, AAA, and a variety of other services. Visit the  Eldercare Locator or call 800-677-1116.

National Respite Locator

ARCH has a National Respite Locator tool, a database that helps caregivers, parents, and providers find local respite services. If you click on search for respite providers and programs it brings you to an interactive map where you can select your state using the drop-down menu and insert additional information about your location, and it provides a list of respite care programs. 

For more information about community resources including a comprehensive list of resources, read our blog post: 

What are Community Resources and How to Find Them.



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