To empower caregivers by providing information, inspiration, and support.



Caregiver Feed is here to support caregivers.  We want to empower caregivers by providing information, inspiration, and support. We provide blog articles, checklists, and other tools for caregivers.

Your health and wellness are just as important, so we provide time-saving ideas, inspiration, and self-care reminders to help you while on this caregiver journey.

Caregiving is Not a ‘One Size Fits All’

Each care receiver is different. There are so many different variables that impact the level and types of care needed. For example, medical conditions like dementia or physical limitations, treatments, health insurance, finances, and support systems are just some of the things that impact the needs of your loved one.

In addition, each caregiver is different. We all start with different skill sets, we are balancing other responsibilities, and we have varying levels of support. 

No matter where you land in the caregiver continuum, Caregiver Feed provides relevant information, tips and is continuously building a community of caregivers to provide a terrific support system.

Let’s face it, sometimes life can get a little crazy! We understand caregiving can add to your stress, so we are here to help you.

Our Goal is to Provide Caregivers:

Information: We believe knowledge is important, so we provide caregivers helpful information, quick tips, indispensable tools, and easy to read caregiver resources.  Your time is valuable, so we create things like downloadable checklists, medication logs, and emergency contact sheets that help organize caregiver duties and save time.  

Inspiration:  Understanding that being a caregiver can be complicated, we hope to inspire you with positive thinking. We want to help you provide more proactive care (for you and your loved one), and empower the care-receiver to be more independent.  We want to help you navigate the physical, mental, and financial tasks ahead and provide tools to help keep you organized, provide confidence, and keep you sane throughout your busy days.

Support: Supporting each other and providing encouragement can help us all get through those difficult days. Support from others, especially from someone experiencing a similar situation, can do wonders to keep your sanity.  We hope you participate in our Facebook group and other activities to support each other and provide valuable insight.


About Laura

Passionately dedicated to helping you through your caregiver journey by offering information, support, and help to navigate available resources. And hopefully, we can share some laughs along the way 😊🤞 

Elderly senior grandma sharing fun caregiver stories

Founder - Laura Lin

Laura was a caregiver for her grandmother and other aging relatives throughout the years. During some of those years, she was also raising her own children, so she understands balancing caregiving with work, children, and other responsibilities. 

Laura has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Russell Sage College and a Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law. She proudly started her professional career as a nurse in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. 

Prior to founding Caregiver Feed, she was a nurse for over 25 years, working in a variety of settings, and gained experience as an attorney in both California and New York. Laura is dedicated to providing caregivers information, inspiration, and support, in hopes to make their caregiving experience a little easier.

Why a Caregiver Site?

Caregiving is a serious responsibility, and there are so many circumstances that can easily complicate things.

I want to share all that I have learned, hoping to make life a little easier for others. Most importantly, I think we can help each other along the way. 


Our vision is that we help each other through the caregiver journey. We all have unique gifts, different experiences, and hopefully, a good sense of humor. Most importantly, caregivers tend to have a heart of gold and want to help others. Our hope is we support each other and provide insight when we can. Readers, you can do this in many ways, for example, by commenting on blog posts, engaging with our Facebook group and on our other social media platforms.


We believe knowledge is important, and we are committed to providing you helpful information, tools, and resources, so you can more easily manage caregiver tasks. Our hope is that you will take care of yourself, and be better prepared to provide the best care possible. We strive to build a supportive community of like-minded caregivers who can provide valuable insight, advice, and encouragement for each other.

Come on over and join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you want the inside scope, register on our site to receive all of our helpful resources and information. Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you in the know!

Thank you for visiting Caregiver Feed! I am excited to connect and hope we can support one another through the caregiver journey.

Laura Ann Lin

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