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Taking care of your own health insurance, finances, legal documents, and other business is hard enough, but caring for a family member who needs help with these things can get complicated.

For example, does your loved one:

  • Need help with finances or paying bills? Do you know what bills they have?
  • Have a health insurance plan that meets their needs?
  • Are their housing arrangements safe, are they able to afford it, what housing alternatives do they have?
  • Do they have an advanced directive or another document that lays out their end of life wishes?

Our Business and Financial section is designed to provide useful information to help you care for your loved one’s business and financial needs.

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hiring a caregiver for in home help walking senior

Hiring in Home Family Caregivers: What you Need to Know

Are you thinking about hiring a caregiver for in home help to care for your loved one?  Finding someone with the skills to provide excellent care and the personality to get along with your loved one is critical.  Below we share information to help you find the right person for the job. We discuss ways

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How Does Health Insurance Work doctor passing health insurance form to patient

How Does Health Insurance Work?

Understanding how does health insurance work, what it is, and what type of health insurance plans are available will enable you to choose the right plan. We review benefits of health insurance, the difference between HMO, EPO, PPO and POS plans, and more.    What is Health Insurance Health insurance is an agreement between the

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elderly mother with her daughter who is a caregiver

Family Caregiver Pay: Can a Family Caregiver Get Paid?

Many unpaid family caregivers have questions about whether they can get paid for taking care of an elderly parent or family member. We frequently hear questions like can Medicare pay for a caregiver?  Is there any way of getting paid for taking care of an elderly parent? Is there social security caregiver pay? What states

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senior looking at budget planner and budgeting tools

6 Budgeting Tools to Help Seniors Budget their Money

Creating a budget will help you gain control of your finances. A budget planner gives you a good look at your income and expense, which can help improve your spending habits. Budgeting tools can be particularly beneficial for seniors on a limited income. What is a budget? A budget is a financial plan based on

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busy female reviewing time management tips

10 Time Management Tips for Caregivers

Why do some individuals seem to finish so much in their day while others struggle to get things done? Some people have better time management skills than others. There are some simple time management strategies that can help optimize your day. Implementing some time management tips can help make your day a little easier and

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senior woman researching reverse mortgages on laptop

Everything Seniors Need To Know About Reverse Mortgage

Many seniors find themselves in a situation where their retirement funds fall short of their needs, including costs associated with long-term care. A reverse mortgage loan may be a good option for seniors who have considerable equity in their homes and need to supplement their retirement funds. Reverse mortgages may be a good financial decision

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female cancer patient asking about health insurance policy and treatment coverage

Health Insurance: Everything You Need to Know 2021

Unexpected accidents, routine doctor visits, surgery, and prescriptions can be costly. Affordable health insurance helps minimize the risk of medical costs. Health insurance covers some of the cost of medical care you receive for illnesses, health conditions and injuries. Medical insurance is when a health insurance company protects you financially against medical losses. In this

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senior couple signing power of attorney form

Power Of Attorney The Complete Guide 2021

Whether you are preparing for the future, an unexpected event, or traveling and want to appoint a person to represent you and act on your behalf, a power of attorney can protect you. Unexpected things happen. You may end up in a situation where you are caring for a loved one who becomes incapacitated, or

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couple reviewing advance care planning documents

Advance Care Planning: The Complete Guide 2022

At any moment, an accident or medical crisis could make you unconscious and unable to make health care decisions. Advance care planning is documenting your health care preferences, for example in an advance directive or living will. This makes it clear what your preferences are for life-sustaining treatments in the event of an emergency. Most

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time management tips for caregivers watch on desk

Expert Time Management Tips for Busy Family Caregivers

For caregivers, finding time to care for an elderly family member requires strict time management. Read our post to learn some time management tips and hone your time management skills.   Time Management Definition Time management is strategically planning out your available time and controlling the amount of time you spend on specific tasks so

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