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Each person is different. Sometimes it is difficult for family caregivers to understand what type of care is needed. For example,

  • What diagnosis does their loved one have? Is the medical condition serious? Is the patient seeing the right type of providers?
  • Medications, treatments, or procedures can get complicated. Do you understand the plan of care?
  • Physical or mental limitations may impact the amount and level of assistance needed.
  • How much support is provided from family or friends? Are there any complicated family dynamics?

In addition, caregivers have different skill sets, varying physical capabilities, time constraints, and background knowledge.

Our Home Health Care section provides useful information to help you care for your loved one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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grandfather eating in bed risk for skin breakdown needs prevention from wife and daughter

Skin Breakdown Can Be Serious! Tips for Prevention

Although our skin is generally resilient, skin breakdown is a risk for those subjected to prolonged pressure, friction, moisture, or shear force. Skin breakdown prevention and identifying concerns early are essential because skin breakdown can quickly progress from minor to serious. You may have heard terms like pressure ulcer, bed sores, or skin shearing, which

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Getting a Medical Second Opinion written across image of doctors standing

Getting a Medical Second Opinion – Don’t You Deserve Peace of Mind?

Talking with your doctor and finding out you have a serious health condition can be overwhelming, especially when there are multiple treatment options. Getting a medical second opinion may help you gain another perspective of your condition and the available treatments. Doctors understand you may want to get a second opinion. It’s not uncommon for

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elderly man fell on floor near cane needs home safety tips for seniors

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

With aging relatives living longer and needing more care, many families struggle with the best way to help them. Each year, millions of seniors fall, and less than 50% of them tell their doctor. In addition, falling once will double their chances of falling again. We review home safety tips and provide a free downloadable

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elderly parent won't bathe woman filling tub signifying Mental Illness Refusal to Bathe

How Do You Get an Elderly Person to Bathe?

Having a hard time getting your senior to bathe? An elderly parent or loved one refusing to bathe is more common than you may think. It’s not uncommon to hear ‘my elderly parent won’t bathe or refuses to bathe.’ Bathing can be a constant struggle for many caregivers, especially when caring for the elderly with

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caring for elderly parents at home

10 Tips for Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

Sometimes we slowly creep into the caregiver role, and as time goes on, you find yourself caring for your elderly parents at home more and more. Other aging parents may have an illness or accident resulting in them needing help. In this post we review 10 tips for caring for elderly parents.   Caring for

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happy female caregiver with senior standing man lovingly touching and showing qualities of a Good Caregiver

Qualities of a Good Caregiver and the Caregiver Role

Caregivers perform a variety of duties depending on the needs of the care recipient. Finding a good caregiver for you or your loved one is invaluable. A caregiver will spend numerous hours with the care recipient, and a good caregiver will foster a bond with them. What qualities make a good caregiver? What is the

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Caregiver Checklist

Printable Caregiver Daily Checklist Template

Download our free PDF downloadable Caregiver Daily Checklist . Our caregiver daily checklist is an easy-to-read list of daily caregiver tasks and duties. Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Pinterest Caregiver Daily Checklist    Personal Care Bath and shower assistance, including getting in and out safely Skincare, including applying lotion as needed. Use appropriate barrier cream. Report redness

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Senior man drinking water to prevent dehydration

Dehydration in Elderly

Elderly adults are vulnerable to dehydration because they have a lower water volume in their bodies. This means that even minor illnesses, for example, urinary tract infections or bronchitis, can cause dehydration in older adults. In this post, we discuss the signs and symptoms of dehydration in the elderly, how to prevent dehydration in elderly,

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doctor visiting senior woman at home for Home Health Care services

Understanding Home Health Care

Home health care includes a variety of professional home health care services that allow a person to stay in their home safely. When a doctor orders home health care, licensed professionals may go to your house to provide in-home care. In addition, many people need home care to help with everyday activities like personal care,

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