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5 Pasta Gift Baskets for Those who Love Italian Food

Looking for a gift for someone and not sure what to get them? Pasta gift baskets are great ideas, because who doesn’t like a delicious home cooked authentic Italian meal? We did some research, and below are our 5 favorite Italian food gift baskets.


Gusta Gourmet Gift Basket – Classic Pasta Menu – Made in Italy 

By the Gusta Store on Amazon

Enjoy the genuine ingredients of an authentic Italian meal with this Italian food gift basket. This pasta gift basket includes fusilli and bucatini pasta, extra virgin olive oil and Sicilian tomato sauce made in Italy. Perfect Italian gift for any occasion.

Click here to learn more about this Gusta Gourmet pasta gift basket.


The Taste of Italy Gift Basket by Wine Country Gift Baskets

By the Wine Country Store on Amazon

This Italian gift is filled with traditional Italian gourmet food including Colavita penne rigate pasta, Bella Campagna whole mixed olives, and Italian seasoning mix. This Italian food gift basket also includes Amaretti Del Chiostro cookies, pretzels with olive oil, and Dolcetto chocolate wafer bites.  This and more is all  beautifully packed into a metal basket, perfect for preparing a delicious Italian meal.

Click here to learn more about this Wine Country Taste of Italy Gift Basket.


Gift Basket Village Italian Themed Dinner For Two – With Pasta Salad, Handmade Tomato Basil Linguini, Snacks & Dessert

By Gift Basket Village on Amazon


This Italian gift basket features some of the finest hand-made pastas, sauce mix, appetizers and dessert.  This amazing pasta gift basket is filled with everything you need for an Italian dinner. It contains 12 ounces of Handmade Sun Dried Tomato Basil Linguini,  and a Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce Blend. This Italian food gift basket has Handmade Italian Pasta Salad, Asiago Cheese Straws, and Gourmet Snack Mix. It also features Focaccia Crisps Tuscan Style Crackers and Sun Dried Tomato and Herb Bread Dipper Seasoning Mix. Additionally, it contains  Dolcetto Italian Tiramisu cream Filled Wafer Rolls and a Cafe Latte Barista Blend. This Italian dinner  is a great way to help someone celebrate any occasion.

Click here to learn more about this Gift Basket Village pasta gift basket.


Stonewall Kitchen Antipasto Gift Basket (5pc)

By the Stonewall Kitchen Store on Amazon

These are fantastic gifts for any occasion. These pasta gift baskets include 1 Tomato Herb Bruschetta Spread (8 oz) and 1 Roasted Garlic Bread Spread (8 oz). These Italian food gift baskets also contain 1 Italian Dipping Oil (8 oz) and 1 Roasted Garlic Oil (8 oz). Additionally, 1 Rosemary Parmesan Quick Bread Mix (18 oz). 

Click here to learn more about this Stonewall Kitchen Antipasto Gift Basket.


Morelli Gourmet Pasta Italian Gift Basket From Italy- Tricolor Pasta Linguine Set – Red Chili, Garlic & Basil, and Lemon pasta- Heirloom Pasta from Italy, Made in Italy 

From the Morelli Pasta Store on Amazon

This gourmet Italian gift is handmade with durum wheat semolina and wheat germ and comes from Tuscany. This Italian dried pasta is dense, absorbing sauces well giving it a succulent full-bodied flavor. Morelli pasta is unique because it includes the germ of the wheat in the pasta which creates a nicely flavored heirloom wheat pasta that has a rich, nutty bite. These Italian gifts include 3 flavors of pasta – Garlic & Basil, Red Chili, and Lemon pasta

Click here to learn more about this Morelli Pasta Store Gourmet Gift.


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We hope you found the perfect pasta gift basket! We are sure these won’t disappoint!


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