What is Caregiver Burnout and Fatigue?

sitting senior crying showing caregiver burnout symptoms comforted by woman friend

Are you helping a friend or family member and feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted? You are NOT alone! Caregiver burnout and fatigue can happen to you. Read our comprehensive post where we review what you need to know about caregiver burnout and fatigue, including what it is, caregiver burnout symptoms and how to prevent … Read more

Understanding Compassion Fatigue

affection woman caregiver mitigating compassion fatigue definition by being loving toward mother in wheelchair

Some people may be familiar with the concept of compassion fatigue but not fully understand all the short and long-term implications. We provide a comprehensive review of compassion fatigue including the definition, symptoms, and compassion fatigue vs caregiver burnout. We also discuss self care tips and how to prevent compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout.   … Read more

What is Stress? Common Questions

black woman in bed covering ears with pillow because can stress cause fever acne ibs rash

We hear the term stress often, but it is crucial to understand what it is and how it can impact your health. Commonly people ask whether stress can cause things like fever, chest pain, heart disease, allergic reaction, gastrointestinal problems, vertigo, diarrhea, constipation, high blood pressure, hives, rash, heart attack, acne, chest pains, or irregular … Read more